Sunday, June 2, 2013


So I said in my last blog post that I wanted to make it a New Years Resolution that I wanted to update my blog every two weeks, and here we are, five months later. I suck. If my mom's reading this blog she just saw that I said I suck and said in her mind, to me, telepathically, "Michelle, no stinkin' thinkin'"

Speaking of my mom, she, my grandma and two aunts came to visit us about a month ago. It was a May Girls vacation and it was aMAYzing. Word puns are the best. If you don't like puns then I really don't like you.

I think they were all expecting this place to be like a Heaven on Earth, a.k.a. Hawaii, so it brought much entertainment to me to drive them around and hear them comment on how trashy the roads and buildings look and constantly hear them say "Peww, that stinks" as we drive through another waft of sewage smell.

Their trip was an absolute blast. It was fun getting to know my extended family more personally and to have a lot of fun memories and inside jokes with them now. They rented a hotel room which was located just a two minute walk from our apartment. Their room had a hot tub on the porch, a huge bathtub in the bathroom (which Piper took advantage of very often as she's bummed to only have a kitchen sink to bathe in at our house) and satellite TV and free A/C, we so camped out there quite a bit.

We did your average tourist activities, ate out at many restaurants, swam in the ocean and pools, shopped, shopped, shopped. The week that they were here the St. Martin Carnival was on, which means a lot of establishments will close down or have shorter hours as well as a lot of activities going on in town which as fun. We went downtown for a parade one day and after about an hour Piper was getting sick of the loud noise and Cari took Piper and Andi in the first car to head home. I stayed a while longer with my mom and family and then when we were driving out to leave we saw Cari's car sitting in the road still having gone nowhere when we realized we were stuck on that road until the parade was over and they opened the road again...which turned out to be 3 hours later. But, it was a blast. We drove around the other end of the road that was still open and found a gorgeous lookout, and then we went to Greenhouse Restaurant for their happy hour half price drinks and smoothies and such, making the best out of a sad situation.

Everyone was pretty sunburned by the second or third day, so we decided to skip out on the beach one day and hit up Pic Paradis, which is the highest peak on the island. It was a perfect day for a hike because it was cool and cloudy, which was a relief to their sunburned skin. A quarter of the way up Grandma basically said you're crazy if you think i'm going to make it all the way up there, go ahead without me, i'm sitting on this rock and i'll wait here. 

Once we got to the top the view was gorgeous and it was so breezy. Half of me just wanted to sleep up there that night since there were no bugs and it wasn't hot at all. We met a couple at the top who said they saw monkeys eating mango trees on the way up, and the first thought that came to mind was our poor abandoned Grandma who's left alone in the wilderness with King Kong! So we hurried to go save her. Helping her down the hill was funny, Carina and I had a good grip on each of her shoulders, but she started running on one point unable to get good footing and we all had heart attacks and then kept going down. 

The highlight of their visit was the Random Wind sailboat tour that we went on the day before they left. It's a six hour boat day including all your food and drinks, snorkeling, swimming, tarzan swing, music, and an awesome captain and first mate. The day we went was overcast and at the end of the day it started to rain and we were all freezing. I requested hot chocolate for my mom and me. My aunt Diane was laying on this giant bed pad with me and my mom and since it was so windy the boat was at such an angle that she was rolling all over the place, and onto the deck. It was hilarious. We probably should have helped her, but it was way too funny. 

It meant a lot that they all came down, I know it's not a cheap trip, but we had so much fun with our visiting family! 

Excuse the date in the corner, the date settings on my moms camera were seriously off.

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